Shahmen - All In The Circle (Deluxe Edition)


Shahmen's long awaited full length album "All In The Circle" in high quality lossless audio. This DELUXE VERSION includes 13 BONUS DEMOS not available anywhere else!

This offer contains:

-No Slippin'
-Many Miracles
-StrayDog LoveSong
-Any More
-Van Gogh's Crows
-World of Wils Pt. 2
-Get Mine (Bonus Demo)
-D.R.E.A.M. (Bonus Demo)
-Hollow (Bonus Demo)
-CrowFeathers (Bonus Demo)
-The Road (Bonus Demo)
-Blood (Bonus Demo)
-The Crow Pt. 1 (Bonus Demo)
-Redrum (Bonus Demo)
-Pine (Bonus Demo)
-Lost Angeles (Bonus Demo)
-Shut Eye (Bonus Demo)
-The Crow Pt. 2 (Bonus Demo)
-1981985 Pt. 2 (Bonus Demo)
-Shahmen - All In The Circle

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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